About Mummy Meagz

Mummy Meagz journey began in 2003 when, along with her daughter, she opened Blondes Coffee Shop in the village of Cottingham, East Yorkshire. As a lifelong vegetarian, and now vegan Mummy Meagz provided delicious vegetarian and vegan food made with love, compassion and sprinkle of awesomeness. In 2016 Blondes went 100% vegan. Mummy Meagz believes nobody’s sweet tooth should suffer due to lifestyle, diet choice or allergies.

By this point, Mummy Meagz was already a hero within the local vegan community and was breaking all the stigmas attached to vegan food, especially her Rocky Road. No nuts, no fruit. Just all the good stuff.

Mummy Meagz is a straight talking, no nonsense, trailblazing child of the 60’s and she had a dream.

In January 2017 Mummy Meagz Vegan Kitchen was born, and now everybody can enjoy her impossibly indulgent Rocky Road.

The liberation of all animals is something she is particularly passionate about, and to her the best form of activism is through the food she produces. When Mummy Meagz isn’t in the kitchen she attends various outreach events, in fact her favourite day of the year is taking part in the Animal Rights March in London. Also close to her heart is rescuing Romanian dogs. Her Romanian rescue, Bertie, is the Mummy Meagz mascot and helps to raise funds for his furry friends abroad. You can now look out for Big Bertie at events!